2013.10.02 Funktion-One

We should have taken a master course in synesthesia to be able to describe how the Amper Klub is going to sound with it’s built in Funktion-One soundsystem. So instead we are going to talk a little about how we got to the point when we asked the small english sound engineering crew to come to our hometown with their bags of equipment.

Everybody has that unique experience sometimes when they come in contact with something they may have never heard of before, but after this connection is made, the inevitable feeling crawls into their spine: they want that thing. They need that thing. They must have it. This can be a motorcycle with 180 bhp or a limited edition vinyl of which only 25 exists in the whole world. For our club owner this happened when he walked into a club in Germany and heard the music, or to be more specific, how the music sounded. This was years ago, but he was waiting ever since to dig deep in his pockets and bring a set of Funktion-Ones to Pécs.

These speakers could be headliners in a Chocito commercial too – “ugly but delicious”. They are as appealing as a pitbull while eating his morning yoghurt, but this is because the engineers render everything as “not so imprtant” except for one thing: the sound. These beings have one function (Funktion-One, get it?!), to convert energy into soundwaves in the most efficient way. To make the music appear in the right place – on the dancefloor and not in the neighbour’s back yard.

“We understand sound to be the most important of our senses and in fact, the root of the structure of the entire Universe. As such, we try to pay the amazing acuity of human hearing the respect it deserves by providing products that deliver as much resolution and detail as possible.” – as the Funktion-One crew stated their philosophy on their homepage. The same few people travel all over the world to install their products with the previous statement deeply embedded in their minds.

Car Cox – Ultra Festival 2013 – Miami


Space – Ibiza


Transmission – Prague


Richie Hawtin and the PSM318 DJ monitors


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