Zombie Nation (DE)
10.18 Fri Zombie Nation (DE)

The second foreign guest of the Amper Klub is Zombie Nation from Germany. Florian Seftner is know from Splank! and John Starlight, Zombie Nation is his techno, electro project. From his first ep which debuted in 1999, his style has changed a lot, but never left too far from the dancefloor filling party music.

Zombie Nation is something you know from your heart, even if you don’t know about it. Kernkraft 400 was his first big hit – it is an indestructible techno anthem, which got a huge media coverage. Some people connect it to the trance movement, some to the ‘90’s happy hardcore scene, but one thing’s for sure: everyone who had a copied CD in the beginnig of this millenna had this song. Everybody who had MTV or any other music channel has heard this song. Even if you don’t remember now, press play, wait 30 seconds and you will know the melody. This is a song that has been played in clubs ever since in it’s original form or as a remix and everyone still loves it.

Ofcourse, Zombie Nation has been releasing new albums over the past almost one and a half decades. His latest came out last year featuring the absolute banger Level, which is also well known for the regular guests of the Pécsi Est Café. In a Zombie Nation set you can hear tracks from a lot of different genres. The leaders of future techno – like Modek or Riton – can blend with the 4/4 beats of Gui Boratto or Sei A, or the deep house grooves of KiNK BEAT, just before a Green Velvet or Phil Kirean song. So, this night will be really interesting and we are really-really looking forward to it.

Alongside Zombie Nation, DJ Mellow and Don Ravy will have the stage from the Elektrolyse DJ group. The Elektrolyse was originally fouded by four Germans students who are study at the PTE. They are inspired by the biggest festivals of Europe and are eager to bring their deep house, tech house and minimal tracks to the Amper Klub. DJ Mellow doesn’t like to be categorised, his sets keep no boundaries. With his individual sets he had success during the summer in Zurich, Munich and Novalja.

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