Basti Grub (DE)
02.23 Sat Basti Grub (DE) w/ Chriss Ronson

Attention, hedonist minimal lovers! We are going to melt the ice covering Czinderi street with an insanely hot party on the 23rd of February at Amper Klub: Basti Grub is coming from Germany to play a tropical set alongside the Hungarian guest Chriss Ronson!

We have been following Basti Grub’s musical development for a long time, since he has started to conquer the European clubs a decade ago while releasing tracks at labels like Mobilee Records, This and That, Cocoon or Get Physical. At the beginning of his career Loco Dice, Luciano and Ricardo Villalobos were among the first djs to play his tracks, which shows nicely the mood Basti Grub is aiming for: we would like to describe his music as “hedonist minimal”, if such a term existed… well, it exists now! Basti Grub surprises us with each new release. He approaches music with playfulness and an open mind, and he doesn’t let anyone or anything deviate him from his ideas. He builds his musical world without compromise and his tracks are always groovy, club-oriented, mixing minimal techno with tribal drums, African vocals, a bit of swing and even the sounds of the jungle. Everyone’s going to dance in a trance during his set, that’s guaranteed!

Chriss Ronson well known to not just the Hungarian audience. He played many times on the same stage as John Digweed, Sasha, Dace Seaman or Nick Warren and let’s not forget that as a party organizer last year he invited Max Cooper to play at his club night! He is one of the most respected figures of the Hungarian electronic music scene and his set will be a delight!

So, as you can see, this will be an infinitely entertaining night, be sure to arrive early and don’t plan anything for the following day, you’ll be really tired from all the dancing!

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