11.03 Sat Cruisin w/ Yvel & Tristan, James Grow

Sadly we will never have a boat party in Pécs and we might have already forgotten how the summer feels like. The best thing we can do is to go to Amper, where the Cruisin crew – Yvel & Tristan and James Grow – will remind us about the best days of the summer. 

Cruisin is a boat party series in Budapest, where Gorgon City, Popof and Sébastien Léger have played before. It’s also worth mentioning that the Hi!Fly team is behind the parties, and they have gathered a loyal following at Amper too during the past years. 

Yvel & Tristan started to work together in 2003, releasing tracks at global Underground and at the labels of Steve Lawler and Gregor Tresher. Yvel likes tracks that are a bit raw and energetic while Tristan plays more upbeat tracks, so we will experience the full palette from headbanging to dancing to jumping around happily!

James Grow won the DJ talent competition at the online radio station Justmusic.FM in 2009 and ever since he is a part of the Hungarian club scene. He is a versatile DJ, equally feeling at home during the warm up hours and at the peak time of the night, so we are really eager to hear what he will bring to Pécs this time!  

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