DUBLIC + Easy Lovin’
05.23 Fri DUBLIC + Easy Lovin’

We can greet another brother-duo on the 23th of may behind our decks: the act that has became famous for their unique blend of dubstep, trap, hip hop and breaks, Dublic will be in Pécs again after a long hiatus. Meanwhile, Slanki and Turner will bring their Easy Lovin’ set to the Amper Garden, to play light hip hop and electronica.

In the past four-five years, a great deal of never before seen names popped up in the dj booths, but only a few of them managed to stay there. From them, Dublic is one of the most outstanding acts. They became known for their unique style when all the rage was about dubstep, but even then, they were able to sneak a great deal of sexiness between the wobblers. With Palotai and Wondawulf, they manage the Future Music party series, which is an ideal place to show everything they like from drumstep to breakbeat to hip hop to electro. If this wasn’t enough, they are known for their re-edits and re-rubs, which you can hear in the sets of the Stanton Warriors, Krafty Kuts or Dub Pistols.
While the Dublic brothers will give our Funktion-One soundsystem a workout in the club, there will be much-much softer music in the Garden. Slanki and Turner hosts the Easy Lovin’ events, where they play hip hop, slow jam and new school r&b and this time they will bring their collection to the Amper Garden too!
Our entrance fee remained the same – it will be 600 forints this time too, so we hope to see you on the 23th of may, when we will be waiting for you with two stages, one down in the club and one in the garden!

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