03.21 Fri ELECTRO SWING VARIETÉ w/ Slamboree Soundsystem (UK) + Budapest Burlesque

Electro swing is one of the most fun and entertaining genres of the electronic dance music scene – which you may not know by name, but you will surely have a huge smile on your face if we mention that Parov Stelar. What electro swing does, is that it gathers 100 years old songs and musical elements, gives them a good workout with a turbo charge and makes them ready for the dancefloor of today. 

On this night, the bravest and most innovative bands of the genre will play in the Amer Klub from both the international and the Hungarian scene.
It isn’t common that a crew, who has been coined as “the best and most innovative British act” of the legendary Glastonbury festival, can be found at the back of a 100 meters long little street in Pécs, Hungary. But, this will be the case on the 21st of March, when the Slamboree Soundsystem arrives to the Amper Klub.
They slip from the grasp of any kind of categorization, their music is more like a feast of electronic music. You can find the elements of electro swing, drum’n’bass, breakbeat, techno and dubstep just as well as folk music from Northern Europe. So, it would be hard to describe, what exactly is it that we’ll going to hear, but one thing is for sure: their fascinating performance – stemming from electro swing, but wandering in any direction of the electronic music scene as it pleases – will leave you in awe and gasping for more. 
The Hungarian act will be DJ Jutasi’s lovechild, Budapest Burlesque. Tamás Jutasi has been a dj for more than 30 years and whole generations grew up on his stes. He started his newest project last year and his electro swing parties are always being loved everywhere.
The entrance fee will bee 600 forints, we hope to see you there!

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