FPT w/ Péló + bodoo
05.24 Sat FPT w/ Péló + bodoo

Some say that we are a mediterranean city, and finally the weather thinks so too. So, keeping in mind that the sun is shining, we have opened the Amper Garden, where Péló and Bodoo will play for us on saturday. They have been among the few who have shaped the electronic music scene of our city during the past one and a half decade, so we are very happy to have them here.

They are the half of the Fiatal Pornósztárok Találkozója (Young Pornstar’s Gathering) group and as you can guess from the name, they play light and sexy music. But what exactly? They can’t tell either. They have a vast collection with basically everything that they can mix and you can dance to. From jazz to house, funk, world music and dub, they have everything, really. This is what gives a unique flavour to their parties.
Since they were always based in Pécs, they have had huge parties all over town. We just have to mention the legendary TV tower parties, or the even more legendary nights at Kino Café – but we are going to stop right now, because these places were sadly closed down and even the slightest mention will bring out the nostalgic side of those, who were living in Pécs during the past years. 
But not all is lost, we can still go to an FPT party, here in the Amper Garden! The entrance fee will be 600 forints, we hope to see you there!

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