02.28 Fri BERLIN KICKS w/ DJ Mellow + Mira + Boci Event description
If we think about Berlin, the crumbled wall, the turkish kebab shops and the extremely divergent cultural life comes to mind, alongside with the iconic clubs and the blossoming electronic music scene around them. Because, musically speaking, Berlin is Europe’s capital, with London, of course. This is not a new thing, this was the case a long time ago too, before Paul Kalkbrenner’s legendary Berlin Calling came out and introduced the scene to a huge audience worldwide. 
A half decade has passed since the movie and it’s accompanying album was released and since, a lot has changed, but in spite of the new trends, one thing has remained the same – somehow, every track coming from Berlin has an athmosphere that’s maybe hard to describe by words, but it’s instantly recognisable in a heartbeat. 
We are huge fans of the German electronica, and out of this fandom comes our newest party series: BERLIN KICKS. On these club nights – of which the first will be on the 18th of February – we will try to bring the “sound of Berlin” to Pécs with a huge dose of techno, house and dancing.
During the BERLIN KICKS parties, there is only one rule for the djs: every track has to have a virtual “Made in Germany” stamp on it. And speaking of the djs, this time there will be three of them. We will have an actual Berliner, DJ Mellow, who studies here in Pécs and thankfully brought a huge collection of melodic house tracks from home. Our second dj is going to be Boci, whom you may know from the Space Inhalerz parties, where she is in charge of the daily dose of German house and techno selection. And, our third guest will be Mira. She is an essential part of the Be Massive series in Budapest, and she will bring a special set for us.
There were parties before at the Amper Klub, that may count as the first acts of BERLIN KICKS, you only have to think about the time when we had Zombie Nation here, or when Re.You came to have an awesome set. Be prepared, there will be a lot more German-oriented parties to come, with djs from Pécs or Budapest or maybe Berlin exactly. We hope to see you on the last day of february!