05.09 Fri JOSÉ PADILLA + Infragandhi w/ DAIDAI Event description

The same way we wanted the club to open in october, we can’t wait for the 9th of may to arrive so we can open our garden. Yes, our electronic musical docking station will expand a bit with a beautiful garden stage! It will have a new bar, a new booth for djs to play, while you can watch the stars, feel the light mid-summer breeze and have a nice time. But of course, our main focus will be on the music here also.

The mood in the garden however will be greatly different from what you have heard during the past few months: we will leave the harsher, more intense performances to the main stage in the belly of the club with the rumbling Funktion-One speakers and the garden will be a much-much calmer place to be. A bit of heartwarming house, some lounge, smooth hip hop tracks mixed with a hint of jazz – anything that is suitable for a nice talk while you watch the sun come up again, this is what the garden will be all about.
To show you exactly what we meant, we have invited the dj who have made Cafe Del Mar legendary to play in our shiny new stage! Yes, that’s right, Jose Padilla will come to Pécs on the 9th of may! When he started his residency in Ibiza, he only got a spot in the morning, but he transformed this to his advantage – after a short while, Cafe Del Mar became the number one spot for those, who were tired of the rave parties and instead wanted a place to relax. This was the place where atmospheric chillout tracks grabbed you by the hand and gently brought you through from the night into a new day. And this is exactly what we have dreamed for our garden!
Jose Padilla has left is residency in Ibiza a long time ago, but to be honest, this is good news for us, since this way had the chance to invite him to the opening of the Amper Garden. Our entrance fee will remain the same, but we will be waiting for you with an extra stage, an extra bar and an even more colorful program! So, we really hope to see you soon!
And we must not forget that the main stage down in the club will be open too! This time, the founder of the Deck Attack series, Infragandhi will join us from Budapest. He knows virtually every song there is to know, since besides being a dj and party organizer, he is a radio editor – but you may very well know this, if you are a regular listener of MR2 Petőfi Radio. He will bring a dancefloor-oriented selection of house and nu-disco tracks for us.
In the colors of Pécs, the DAIDAI crew will also have their turns behind the decks.  Journey Blage, Komfort, Ned Manish and Peter Hyde plays from a wide range of music, which includes house and minimal just as well as a bit of funk and disco, so be prepared, because there will be a lot of dancing on that day.