11.23 Sat KEITH & SUPABEATZ (IT) W/ Slap in the Bass + TAFO + DJ MELLOW Event description

In spite of the chilly november weather, this is going to be one of the hottest parties the Amper Klub has seen. This night is going to be all about banging tracks brought to us by the Italian Keith & Supabeatz duo, the Hungarian Slap in the Bass, who’s international reckognition is growing steadily, and to make things even more interesting, we will have a debut set from TAFO too. And the list is not over, DJ Mellow is also going to join us!

Keith & Supabeatz are an italian producer and dj duo who grab the electronic music scene by the more danceable end. They build mostly upon electro and house, but you can hear the influences of hip hop, bass music and many tropical genres in their sound too. The tracks in their sets have one thing in common: they are highly energetic, and they will make the crowd go wild. They have releases at Fatboy Slim’s Southern Friend label and also at No Brainer, which is starting to become one of the most influental labels of the scene. They are a typical example of the „you know them, even if you don’t know about it” category. Smoka, the track they did together with Slap in the Bass, or their remix of Don Rimini’s Whatever, not to mention one of the last summer’s favourite track, The Most Beautiful – these were all played a lot in Pécs’s clubs too.

The Veszprém based producer duo, Slap in the Bass is in a tricky situation, because they are more known outside the country than in Hungary. This is a natural thing maybe, since they have releases at No Brainer Records too. In their music they blend electro, uk funky and bass music among many other influences, so their live performaces are always diverse and interesting. They have been many times in Pécs in the past and they always made a huge party, this will be the case in november too. And to make things even better, the half of the duo started a solo project not too long ago under the name TAFO, and we will hear his set as well. Here the emphasis is on uk house and bass music and it’s worth mentioning that this will be a special occasion: we will be the first to hear a TAFO set ever! To make things even more interesting, the fourth act of the day will be DJ Mellow from Munich, who will play a wide selection of house music for our biggest pleasure.

So, this will be a night where we don’t have to compromise between foreward thinking musicians and party music. We will have three, internatilnally respected acts, who are doing both at the same time and they will bring the feeling of a summer festival into our cold november.