02.08 Sat LUDMILLA

There are only a handful of DJs in the country who are able to make a good party out of every crowd, every time – it doesn’t matter if it’s in the kitchen of a house party with two cracking vinly players or in a huge arena with several thousand people, the end result will be the same. One of them is Ludmilla.

In her sets she mostly plays breakbeat, breaks and electro, and basically every Hungarian who is between 18 and 35 years old has been to a Ludmilla party at least onece, but most probably several times. What’s even better is that she is getting more and more international attention, so she is packed with parties abroad too.

She is used to be in the studio too, since she owns Ayria Recordings with her partner, Beatman, which is extremely popular among the breaks fans. They have several tracks which has lead the Beatport charts (like the remix they did from Hyper’s The End or Paul Oakenfold’s Tokyo). At the Breakspoll they got the award for the label of the year, the track of the year and the remix of the year too. As a DJ she has played on the same stage as Pendulum, the Stanton Warriors, John B, Evil Nine or Skrillex, just to name a few.

It’s not an exaggeration that we love her sets, so we can’t wait to hear her again. Hope we’ll meet you there!

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