Metha All Night Long
11.10 Sat Metha All Night Long

It is special in many ways when a DJ surprises his audience with an all night long set. This way, he will have more time to get to know everyone on the dancefloor and their reactions, while he gets a chance to play tracks no one has heard from him before from a bigger musical palette.

An all-nighter is challenging and the DJ has a great responsibility, but thankfully Metha has proved countless times that he is up to the task. From the Hungarian artists few have such a devoted fan base in Pécs as Metha, so this will be an unforgettable party, that’s for sure!

Metha is the head of Be Massive, while he is gaining more and more attention both as a DJ and as a producer outside of Hungary too. He is a regular at Amper, where he played with Oliver Huntemann, Charlotte de Witte and Olivier Giacomotto. If you were there, you are smiling right now just by mentioning these parties. If you are not smiling right now, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know Metha really well!

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