MONO8 vs Monkey6
10.25 Fri MONO8 vs Monkey6

Monkey6 + MONO8 nights are all about the latest trends in music. You might know the djs, they are all from Pécs (or were from Pécs) : Bergi, Sirmo from Monkey6, boci ddhd, chromeshelter and ivancza representing MONO8. Their music is mostly house, garage, uk funky, techno and trap, up to the minute but definately will make you dance.

Bergi is still hooked on the beats from the Unknown Festival, and he can’t wait to bring the sounds to Pécs. Sirmo is in the making of the new single for Birdy Tweek Recordings, while he will deliver all his uk funky and garage collection. Boci and ddhd likes to get ready with some uk house and techno for the MONO8 nights, and some garage, midtempo and trap will be brought by chromeshelter and ivancza in the form of songs that you can’t hear anywhere else.


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