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As the second act of the Soul on Wax series, we will bring one of the most internationally acclaimed Hungarian dj-producer, Bootsie to Pécs! And of course, as the hosts of the party, Acid and Turner will also bring a big bag of beats, on the 7th of March.

DJ Bootsie makes and plays urban hip hop, his tracks are mostly instrumental and they contain a wide variety of influences from electronica, jazz and folk music also. His first album was released in 2004 and it caught the eyes of many people both in Hungary and abroad. A track from it got featured on DJ Cam’s mixtape and it was a soundtrack on one of the episodes of CSI. So, it’s not surprising that his second release, in 2009 was at the british label BBE, and it was loved by critics all around the globe.

He is known within the borders as well. He made the soundtrack for Rófus Ferenc’s movie, Ticket, and he worked for the Hungarian National Opera House too, where he reworked two acts from Ferenc Erkel’s famous opera, László Hunyadi.

In March, we are going to hear an exceptionally tasteful selection of hip hop and electronica, which will get the approval of everyone. And, our hosts – Acid and Turner – will bring their vinyl collection, to make the night even better. So, if you want a break from the house parties, come down to the Amper Klub on the 7th of March, you won’t regret it. The entrance fee will bee 600 HUF, as always.

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