TAI (DE) + Space Inhalerz
02.21 Fri TAI (DE) + Space Inhalerz

It’s time to start the new season of Space Inhalerz. The prime directive is to make a huge party in each month – a kind of party which after all of your muscles will ache, but you’ll still have a huge semile on your face. Keeping this in mind, the first guest will be TAI, who will start this season with a huge bang, on the 21st of february. The german based dj-producer makes highly energetic electro music, so prepare, this truly will be a blast.

Dim Mak Records is one of the first places to go (among Boys Noize Records) if we want to find track that will make the dancefloor explode. Among the label’s releases we can find TAI’s name quite regularly. He was born in London, but now he’s based in Munich, and his fanbase is growing rapidly, thanks to his danceable but heavy electro tracks, so we are extremely happy that we could catch him now.

His tracks are played regularly at the Space Inhalerz parties. His latest release is a smooth electro track, The Thrill, topped by Kay’s vocals. He has worked with a dozen of our favourite producers too. Booty Drop, which he did with Diplo makes everyone go wild every time. Alkaline, which he did with Bart B More is one of the best electro bombs of the past months. And we didn’t even mention SPANK, which is made by the trio of The Bloody Beetroots, Bart B More and TAI. He also did a trap track with Zombie Nation, which must have been an interesting experience for both of them. And he did a track with Riton too, which we must not forget either. If you don’t know these tracks by name, don’t worry, if you have been partying around Pécs (and especially if you have been to a Space Inhalerz party), you probably heared them already. This will be a night where there will be no pretentious, artsy house gloominess, just a bash of pure and energetic fun and dancing.

So, even if you don’t know it yet, you will love TAI, we are absolutely sure of that. This could the next act after the party the Mightyfools did in november, and of course, the Space Inhalerz crew will bring sets according to the new rule, which is simple: everyone has to dance. And the best part is, that the tickets for the Amer’s parties will all cost 600 forints, so there is no sane reason to miss this!

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