Truesounds Music 16th Birthday Tour
04.18 Sat Truesounds Music 16th Birthday Tour w/ Peter Makto, Gregory S, Davko

The Truesound parties have been around since the last decade. Gregory S’ name became known due to these parties, ever since he started to tour the country’s night clubs with Peter Makto and their thematic sets where they deliver quality electro music. Peter Makto wasn’t lesser known either prior to this – in the last twenty-something years he orbited the country and the world, becoming one of the defying faces of the Hungarian electronic music culture. The youngest member of the Truesound trio is Davko who joined in 2013 will also show off his talents at the Amper Klub.

Their parties peculiarity is that they give the resident DJ’s a rest day, since they are taking over the whole night from the beginning down to the last beat. This night won’t be any different since they are celebrating their sweet 16 at the Amper Klub! Celebrating this special day with new and older club anthems, this unforgattable evening will be a great present for all involved!


1490 HUF1990 HUF / 2490 HUF

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