12.22 Sat Warriors DJ PALOTAI vs. DJ BUDAI vs. METHA

The last night of the University Days of Pécs in 2016 was exceptionally unique. At the Amper Labor stage three of the biggest Hungarian DJs – Palotai, Budai and Metha – played back-to-back-to-back, continuously reacting to each other’s choices, which evolved into an unforgettable party. Since its 2018 now, it’s about time to make the magic happen again!

Palotai is one of our country’s most known and most respected DJs, who is familiar with hip-hop, drum’n'bass, dubstep, trap and everything in between. A lifetime is not enough to listen to his record collection, and he can always surprise us while playing one mindblowing track after another.

Budai is one of the key figures of the Hungarian music scene. He was already playing at the first techno parties in the ’90s and his album from 1997 “Techno-House Claccics of 93-96″ and “Techno-logic Vol 1.” from 2000 are both landmarks…. and we haven’t even started to discuss his own releases and the I Love Deep party series nor his label!

Metha became well known as the head of Be Massive and what you should know about his music is that he blends tech-house’s thumping basslines with the funky mood of breakbeat to create his unique style. He is a producer and a party organizer also and his fanbase is growing rapidly… but everyone knows that the biggest Metha fans are in Pécs!

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