2013.09.30 Hello Amper, bye Cyrano

The former Cyrano Club has gotten a huge revamp. From Czinderi street the average pedestrian couldn’t see much, just that the huge metal “CRN” letters were removed from the wall. But underground there were so many things to do. Maybe the hardest part was to get the cherry red resin floor into place. We even had to stop working for weeks because we had to wait for it to dry.

Afterwards we had to put the DJ booth in, which weights a ton. Yes, a ton. More than one thousand kilograms of concrete are supporting the decks, so now anything can happen on the dance floor. Even an army could jump up and down at the same time with their tanks (well, if they can fit them in the club). The music will now play smoothly, there will be no skipping of beats, and the DJ’s laptop hard drives will have no bad sectors due to the shaking ground. Our booth is fully bulletproof. We have talked a lot about our Funktion-One sound system. Besides that, our guests will be really happy to know that the ceiling is higher than it was before, making the club feel more spacey and comfortable. We’re opening on Friday night and we can’t wait for you all to be there!

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09.30 Mon