11.09 Sat Ludmilla

After a far too long gap, we are happy to say that Ludmilla is going to visit us again! We have the third generation of partygoers who are enjoying her sets, in which she blends breakbeat and electro, while the label she founded with Beatman, Ayria Recordings, has even bigger successes with their releases.

If you are into breaks, Beatman and Ludmilla’s name must be familiar to you. They had a number of tracks appearing on the top of Beatport’s charts (like the remixes they made from Hyper’s The End or Paul Oakenfold’s Tokyo), but they have won the label of the year, remix of the year and track of the year award at Breakspoll too. As a dj, she played on stage with such names as Pendulum, Stanton Warriors, John B, Evil Nine or Skrillex.

Besides her, Oshee will have a set too, which just makes us even happier. Once he lived in Pécs, but sadly he moved away. Since than, he has played in Germany, Croatia and Greece too and as a producer, such names are spinning his tracks as Guy J or Hernan Cattaneo. So, we are very glad to have him here again. This is one of the rare occasions when you can see him, so don’t miss it!

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