02.14 Fri 6 YEARS OF MONKEY6 W/ Bergi + Sirmo + Svindler + Max Factor

Monkey6 is one of the oldest and still active DJ groups of Hungary, and they celebratie their 6th birthday this year. On this occasion all four of them – Bergi, Sirmo, Max Factor and Svindler – will come down to the Amer Klub to show us, why do people love them so much in Budapest.

We are talking about a few guys with massive ties to Pécs: Bergi and Max Factor lived here, Sirmo still does and we accepted Svindler as an honorary citizen of Pécs a few years ago, in the depths of our favourite and most feared non-stop pub. Joking aside, they select from a large variety of music, ranging from deep house, techno, uk house and minimal to bass music, nu disco or glitch. What glues them together is the crew’s impeccable taste – somehow, they always know, what will meg the dancefloor hot.

They took out their sare of Budapest’s night life as party organizers too. They have brought so many huge names to the country, we won’t even begin to list them all. Boys Noize, Proxy and Zombie Disco squad came because of them, which is enought to give a peak into their taste. They have club nights at Instant, but they are regulars at the most hyped clubs, like Kolor or Fogasház.

Separately they have played in almost all of Pécs’s clubs too, but this will be the first time when they all will be together in one place. So, this will truly be a unique birthday party for us and for them too.

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