03.22 Sat BLADERUNNAZ w/ Statik + Mindscape + Klay

On our last drum’n’bass party, LTJ Bukem made our heads spin. To say the least, it was a cathartic experience, we were schooled by the master’s set. So, it must take guts to host another d’n’b party after a bar set so high, the naked eye can’t even see it because it’s somewhere in the stratosphere. 

But, we can’t wait for LTJ Bukem’s return either, so sooner or later we must have another drum’n’bass party. So, on the 22nd of march, the BLADERUNNAZ crew will come to town with a car full of records so we can get our monthly fix of d’n’b.
You don’t know the Bladerunnaz? Yes you do! If you like electronic music and you have been to five bass-heavy parties in Budapest, probably two of those were organized by them. They were celebrating their 15th birthday a little while ago and they have been present on all of Hungary’s biggest festivals during the last decade. They host a wide range of club nights from garage to bass music and to drum’n’bass of course and they have invited countless huge international names to play in our country.
From the crew Statik, Mindscape and Klay will come to Pécs this time. They are pretty experienced djs with a unique collection of unreleased tracks, so we are looking foreward to a quite interesting night again. The entrance fee will be 600 HUF, as always, we hope to see you there!

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