10.17 Sat DEADCODE & FRIENDS w/ Hot X + Gabor Kraft + SanFranciscoBeat

Gather tha gang, there’s going to be a techno celebration at Amper! The organisers of the biggest Hungarian electronic events are coming to Pécs on the 17th of October. From the Deadcode crew, we will have Hot X, Gabor Kraft and SanFranciscoBeat and they will be playing all night long!

Hyperspace and the Bonus Festival is among the top of the Hungarian party scene. They are known for their professional execution, epic mood and forward thinking performers, so if you visit one, you will not forget it anytime soon.

The techno crew will bring the feeling of these parties to Pécs. They will make the night more unique by not letting anyone else near the dj booth. They will be in charge of the warm up, the cool down and of course, the explosion in the middle and we will going to love every second of it!

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