09.18 Fri DJ VADIM (UK) w/ Shen Kick Live Act + Acid

This is the night when the town will go crazy – in the word’s most positive sense. The Pécs City Carnival will return in 2015 and this means that a few dozen djs and a few hundred partying university students in wicked costumes will take over the city! Afterwards, when the night falls, we will concentrate all the energy to the Amper Klub, where the Russian vinyl master, DJ Vadim will be playing!

DJ Vadim should get an honorary Hungarian citizenship. He has been to a lot of places all over the world to spin his records, but somehow he really-really likes our parties – and we really-really like them too, as a matter of fact – since they are always extraordinary. What’s even better is that we can talk about a new Hungarian connection, regarding his releases too, since he made his new album together with Sena from Irie Maffia!

All of DJ Vadim’s sets have a soul. He started his carreer at the legendary Ninja Tune label and he is known as one of the most innovative hip hop producers. He has worked together with The Roots, DJ Krush, Public Enemy and even Kraftwerk! As an oldschool dj he can find the music that elevates the mood in an instant and with his hip hop, reaggae, soul, breaks and basically-anything-else-you-can-imagine tracks he can make everybody dance and smile, regardless of age, sex or ethnicity. Without a doubt he is the best option to provide the soundtrack for the night’s multicultural parade.

Besides Vadim, two of our local heroes, Zsiga bá and Acid will also spin during the night! So we will be waiting for you on the 18th of September at the Amper Klub for one of the biggest celebrations of the city, don’t miss out!

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