MAGASHOUSE W/ Budai + StereA
03.14 Fri MAGASHOUSE W/ Budai + StereA

It is important to us to give space for the upcoming young DJ talents but we musn’t forget the big shots either. We are talking about those few people, who shaped the Hungarian club scene during the past decades to look like it does today. So, as the next installment of our HighHOUSE series, we will proudly present Budai on the 14th of march.

The veterans who were into techno and deep house since the beginning of time (or at least the introduction of the genres in the 90’s), know Budai very well. Yes, we are talking about the age where most of our University’s students weren’t even born yet. One could find Budai at the very first Hungarian techno parties and he was one of the founders of the country’s first dance magazin, Freee. The first techno club in Budapest opened in 1993 and Budai was playing there regularly. One of the lake Balaton’s most iconic clubs, Flört opened that year also, and as you could easilly guess, Budai was there too. His releases, the Techno-House Classics of 93-96 and Techno-Logic Vol 1. in 2000 are also graved in with a bold font in the history of Hungary’s electronic dance music. Besides Budapest and the Balaton, by the beginning of the new millenna, Budai travelled to the most of Cental-Europe’s countries and he had appearances in the USA too.
He is also known as a producer and label head. In the 2000’s he was one of the founder of Egoist Records (now known as Egotraxx Records) and they started the I Love Deep party series, which is still active today, shortly followed by the I Love Deep label in 2005. During the past two decades, he had releases by his own labels and by other labls as well, so he has a pretty impressive discography, which we won’t even begin to list. For more information, check out his facebook instead:
Alongside Budai, a local hero will also stand behind the decks. StereA has been a resident DJ around the country for the last decade in more cities than we can count, and he will also bring his finest selection, to make the night unforgettable. So, if you are into deep house and techno, or if you are interested in hearing one of the biggest DJs Hungary has to offer, come down to the Amer Klub on the 14th of march!

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