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2015.08.03 N’to

We like to travel around in the world of quality electronic music here at Amper Klub, as you could see before on countless occasions. At the end of November, N’to will be our guest with Chriss Ronson and the DAIDAI crew to take us one step further on another journey across the universe of house and techno. Read the rest

2015.08.01 Format: B

October 24. Format: B. At Amper Klub. Again. This is our mantra, it helps us to get through this slow and hot and sweaty summer. Read the rest

2015.07.24 Pécs City Karnevál

This is the night when the town will go crazy! The Pécs City Carnival will return in 2015 and this means that a few dozen djs and a few hundred partying university students in wicked costumes will take over the city for three days! Read the rest

2015.07.20 Proxy

Okay guys, be prepared, this will be rough! We are inviting PROXY from the heart of Russia, Moscow, who will bring the newest generation of rave music on chilly winds to heat up our party-basement. Read the rest